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 Adventures in Wood Burning

Explore the unique and exciting world of wood burning while you create your own outdoor inspired art.  You will learn about the tools and materials needed, how to draw a simple landscape, transfer it onto wood, and how to burn that image into the wood. You will also learn about finishes and other natural materials you can use. 

This will be a fun, safe environment where you can develop your own creativity and take risks with art, no matter your skill level. You may find yourself pushing beyond what you think you are capable of to create something beautiful on wood and in your heart.

About Our Instructor: 

Crystal is an artist and pyrographer who teaches wood burning to empower others to be courageous and expand the boundaries of their own creativity. She firmly believes that adventure is a mindset that can be cultivated whenever and wherever you are. 

She has been hiking all over the west coast and Alaska since she was a small child, and brings her love for the outdoors to her art. Whether backpacking in the mountains or just sitting quietly in a canoe, she finds great beauty and adventure everywhere she goes. She lives in Snohomish Washington where she works part time as a nurse at a local clinic and is often found wandering the local trails.