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Outdoor Activities, Art & Inspiration

Watercolor Instructor: Maria Coryell Martin

Atmospheric Landscapes

Explore watercolor with a limited palette to create atmospheric paintings. We will practice techniques for painting minimal landscapes with dramatic skies, mist, and layered color. All levels welcome! 

Nature Journaling: Tools for Observation

Create colorful and expressive journal pages while practicing sketching techniques, creative page layout, and spontaneous use of color. Learn tools for slowing down and unplugging, using art as a tool to express ourselves, activate our senses, and open up creative flow and inquiry. All levels welcome!

About Our Instructor: 

Maria Coryell-Martin is an expeditionary artist following the tradition of traveling artists as naturalists and educators. In 2004, upon graduating from Carleton College, Maria embarked on a year-long Watson Fellowship to explore remote landscapes through art. This experience sparked a resolve to continue working as an expeditionary artist with a focus on polar and glacier science and to inspire environmental awareness in audiences of all ages.  Maria’s travels have brought her face-to-face with polar bears, leopard seals, emperor penguins, and narwhals. 

A memorable experience juggling clumsy sketching tools while crawling in the sand for hours to monitor walruses on a small island in eastern Greenland inspired Maria to create the Art Toolkit, an all-in-one sketching watercolor kit. Learn more at expeditionaryart.com and art-toolkit.com