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SPOKEN WILD MAGAZINE - Coming this summer


A Magazine For All the Voices of the Outdoors

Spoken Wild is a magazine about ordinary people that recognized a tiny spark of something extraordinary from within.  Whether expressed through their art or their outdoor adventures, their voices tell courageous, personal and sometimes funny stories that inspire each of us to live boldly and enjoy this one beautiful life. 

Each issue features articles about artists and adventurers, photographers and outdoor enthusiasts that speak authentically from their place in the world. Some are humble others wild… but all live unapologetically out loud. 

The publication’s goal is to create a fun and uplifting forum for readers to connect with themselves and each other through stories, exercises and prompts designed to build camaraderie and community. 

Submit Articles and Photos to Spoken Wild

Spoken Wild is a magazine that will foster community, on and off the page. This is a magazine that is designed to create engagement and real connection. In addition to reader submissions, the magazine will also feature a 'Gathering' page... which will guide you through the process of facilitating your very own Spoken Wild Gathering.

Our first issue features four reader-inspired content sections. 

If your photograph, writing or question is selected to be in the magazine, we will contact you for additional information so that we can properly feature you and your art. 

For our first issue, we are looking for submissions for the following sections:

Ask Mare: For this section, you can ask our Gratitude Guru Mare ANYTHING! Have a question about life and want to find out what a recorder-yielding candle-making woman will say? This is the place to pose your questions.  Questions can remain anonymous. 

Around the Campfire: For our first issue, we are accepting submissions around the prompt, 'First Time in the Wild'. That's all we are giving you! What you want to write about is completely up to you (word limit is 250-1000 words). If you have a high res photo to accompany your story, please include that as well.  

The Places you Go: Photography submissions! Share a photo of a place that is special to you and give us a few short sentences describing why. Photographs must be high resolution. 

Misadventures: Short, funny outdoor/adventure related stories. Tell us about  your most hilarious, face-palm-inducing, learning-curve related stories. High res photos are encouraged.  

Send your photos and articles to:  

hello@spokenwild.com. Use 'SPOKEN WILD SUBMISSION' in your subject line. If your photo or words are selected for inclusion into the magazine, we will contact you directly with more information. You will have the choice to remain anonymous or you will be able to share your IG handle/website information in the magazine! 

Advertising Opportunities

Spoken Wild Magazine will be distributed at events and select outdoor retail locations throughout the Pacific Northwest.   3,000 high quality, full color magazines will be printed.  An e-magazine will be shared through social media channels as well as through e-mail distribution to a list of over 35,000 outdoor enthusiasts.

Spoken Wild has advertising opportunities to fit every budget.  Small full color ads cost as little as $250.