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Meet a Few of Our Amazing Instructors and Presenters

Spoken Wild instructors are being added to the lineup almost daily.  

Here is a sampling of our amazing team.  Check back often for updates.  


Nikki Smith 

Nikki is a photographer, artist, writer, guidebook author, and climber based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She started climbing in the early ’90s, and has been working in the outdoor industry and climbing world since 1998. She’s authored five climbing guidebooks to date with a few more on the way and has written many feature articles for climbing magazines. She’s done more than 150 first ascents throughout the west and has traveled the world to climb. Now, much of her work is focused on trying to build a more inclusive, diverse, and safe community within climbing and the outdoors. She is an advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community, and a Board Member for the Access Fund.



Autumn Schrock 

Autumn is a professional photographer specializing in outdoor lifestyle, landscape, and travel photography. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, she hosts photography workshops around the world aiming to help others learn more about photography, their cameras, and how to capture those perfect moments.

As passionate about the seas as she is the skies, Autumn strives to use her camera to showcase the fragile beauty of our world. Driven by her adoration of nature, she is focused on preservation efforts and inspiring others to join the cause. She can often be found trekking in search of the most photogenic locations and raising awareness about our changing ecosystem.

She partners with companies worldwide to bring ideas to life through visual storytelling. She has won several awards for her work, and has been published internationally 

both digitally and in print.

Autumn Schrock Photography


watercolor PAINTING


Maria Coryell-Martin is an expeditionary artist following the tradition of traveling artists as naturalists and educators. In 2004, upon graduating from Carleton College, Maria embarked on a year-long Watson Fellowship to explore remote landscapes through art. This experience sparked a resolve to continue working as an expeditionary artist with a focus on polar and glacier science and to inspire environmental awareness in audiences of all ages. Maria’s travels have brought her face-to-face with polar bears, leopard seals, emperor penguins, and narwhals. 



Latasha Dunston is a young freelance illustrator originally from Baltimore City but now based in Denver, CO.  Latasha loves being outside whether it be gardening, hiking, camping, climbing or snowboarding. Her artwork is heavily inspired by her adventures and attempts to capture the fleeting joyous moments we experience. With her work, she hopes to inspire others, like herself, to explore more and to try new things! 

Latasha collaborates with different brands like Merrell, Kula cloth, DirtChalkBags to create fun and unique merchandise. In addition to creating products, she will often use her art to bring awareness to a cause or raise money for marginalized groups.  




 Khuyen "Max" Lam is a UX designer during the day, and a visual artist at night and an outdoorswoman during the weekends. Three years ago, she got caught by a hurricane in Shenandoah National Park. Max had no background in art, but was so moved by the sight of the stormy Blue Ridge Mountains. She sketched the scene as she saw and felt it, and could never stop drawing since then. Her work is inspired by the beauty of the natural world.  



Anastasia Allison, violin, and Rose  Freeman, piano, never intended to 'become' The Musical Mountaineers - instead, the duo was born organically when they began sharing their simple videos of their unannounced sunrise serenades. Since their first concert, The Musical Mountaineers have been featured both locally and nationally and have performed at Benaroya Hall for the Washington National Park Fund Benefit Concert. 


“When we climb mountains with our instruments, we transcend the fears and excuses and put our mission first: to bring more good into the world, to inspire others to follow their heart and blaze their own trail. Everybody can find their own version of performing music on a mountain - what would that look like if we each brought our own unique gift into the world? How beautiful could that be?” -Anastasia Allison



Lindsay Lambert 


Lindsay is an athlete with a 12+ years background in competitive swimming (national ranked) and water polo which lead to her career in teaching. After completing her lifeguard certifications in 1999, she began instructing aquatic based classes at swimming pools, water parks and beaches. Her focus moved toward land-based fitness in 2010. Practicing and teaching Vinyasa Yoga, mat Pilates, PiYo™ and TRX™ (Suspension Training) became her new passion. 

5 years ago, she decided to put her knowledge of water and land based exercise together. She is a certified Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga instructor, a Level 1 World Paddling Association Instructor, and a PaddleFit Core coach. She is also a Certified Swim Coach through ASCA and specializes in open water swimming. She started Paddling Yogini LLC and races and teaches on paddle boards all over the PNW. This will be her 6th summer teaching SUP classes and racing paddleboards all over the PNW. She has the knowledge and certifications to keep you safe in the water.

As a teacher, her passion is to make a positive impact on students’ lives. She believes through a healthy mind, body, and spirit you can achieve anything. Lindsay has 17 year old daughter who is an artist, writer, & yogini, 12 year old son, who loves yoga, swimming, SUP & soccer and a 1 year old who loves the water & attends her fitness classes daily.  

Owner of Paddling Yogini LLC & One Mind Yoga 



Crystal Bailar

Crystal is an artist and pyrographer who teaches wood burning to empower others to be courageous and expand the boundaries of their own creativity. She firmly believes that adventure is a mindset that can be cultivated whenever and wherever you are. 

She has been hiking all over the west coast and Alaska since she was a small child, and brings her love for the outdoors to her art. Whether backpacking in the mountains or just sitting quietly in a canoe, she finds great beauty and adventure everywhere she goes. She lives in Snohomish Washington where she works part time as a nurse at a local clinic and is often found wandering the local trails.

Crystal will lead you on a hands-on, multi-sensory adventure into the wonderful world of pyrography (wood burning). This will be a fun, safe atmosphere where you can develop your own creativity and take risks with art. She will often challenge you to push beyond what you think you are capable of to create something beautiful on wood and in your heart.





Aaron Owens Mayhew, MS, RDN, CD is a registered dietitian, ultralight long-distance backpacker, and backpacking food cookbook author. Aaron has worked in the field of nutrition for nineteen years and has been a backpacker for nearly as long. After having a mid-life crisis in 2016, Aaron began long-distance backpacking on her 40th birthday by hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. She has since launched her business, Backcountry Foodie™, a recipe and meal planning service for backpackers. The service provides a platform for Aaron to share her knowledge and passion for eating well in the backcountry. She also runs her business and lives in a camper van full-time with her husband and dog. They have been on the road since April 2019 and look forward to where their outdoor adventures will continue to take them.