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Outdoor Activities, Art & Inspiration



We live in a beautiful and interesting world. Nature journaling is the practice of recording your observations, thoughts and questions of your surroundings in the wilderness. In this class, we will go on a short hike, stopping at points that interest us and learn to use a portable watercolor set and notebook to record the present moment around us. 

The goal of nature journaling is not to make a pretty paintings, but to create a tool that helps you see the world around you and, most importantly, to remember your experiences. 

About Our Instructor:

Khuyen "Max" Lam is a UX designer during the day, and a visual artist at night and a outdoorswoman during the weekends. Three years ago, she got caught by a hurricane in Shenandoah National Park. Max had no background in art, but was so moved by the sight of the stormy Blue Ridge Mountains. She sketched the scene as she saw and felt it, and could never stop drawing since then. Her work is inspired by the beauty of the natural world.