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music: musical mountaineers

You've seen them in national publications like Backpacker , Outside and Sierra magazines. They've appeared on KING 5 News, KOMO News, and in newspapers around the Puget Sound.  However, since this dynamic duo plays concerts at sunrise before most of us are out of bed, it's unlikely that you've been fortunate enough to experience a concert in person.  Well, this is your chance to hear the Musical Mountaineers  in person live on the shores of Lake Diablo!

About the Musical Mountaineers:

Anastasia Allison, violin, and Rose Freeman, piano, met in 2017 through a serendipitous series of events that began with Anastasia almost dying in a car accident and Rose moving back to the Seattle area.  After her accident, Anastasia had a vision that she needed to play her violin on the summit of a mountain.  Rose had been drawing sketches of pianos in the mountains for most of her life. Unaware of their soon-to-be-magical friendship, Anastasia hosted an Instagram contest to give away a book about hiking.  Rose was the only person who entered to win!  They quickly discovered their mutual love of music and the mountains and hatched a plan to make their dream a reality.


Anastasia and Rose never intended to 'become' The Musical Mountaineers - instead, the duo was born organically when they began sharing their simple videos of their unannounced sunrise serenades. Since their first concert, The Musical Mountaineers have been featured both locally and nationally and have performed at Benaroya Hall for the Washington National Park Fund Benefit Concert. They are excitedly looking forward to performing at the WNPF Concert again on October 23, 2019.

“When we climb mountains with our instruments, we transcend the fears and excuses and put our mission first: to bring more good into the world, to inspire others to follow their heart and blaze their own trail. Everybody can find their own version of performing music on a mountain - what would that look like if we each brought our own unique gift into the world? How beautiful could that be?” -Anastasia Allison