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Backcountry Nutrition: Don't Just eat; eat well

Aaron Owens Mayhew

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About Our Instructor: 

Aaron Owens Mayhew, MS, RDN, CD is a registered dietitian, ultralight long-distance backpacker, and backpacking food cookbook author. Aaron has worked in the field of nutrition for nineteen years and has been a backpacker for nearly as long. After having a mid-life crisis in 2016, Aaron began long-distance backpacking on her 40th birthday by hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. She has since launched her business, Backcountry Foodie™, a recipe and meal planning service for backpackers. The service provides a platform for Aaron to share her knowledge and passion for eating well in the backcountry. She also runs her business and lives in a camper van full-time with her husband and dog. They have been on the road since April 2019 and look forward to where their outdoor adventures will continue to take them.